The Toffee Store

The Toffee Store offers local gourmet toffee gifts and also ships its delicious treats throughout the country. They came to LCMS hoping for a solution to many website issues, including inaccurate shipping rates, difficulty placing orders, and trouble shipping to multiple addresses.

The Toffee Store | E-Commerce Development | LCMS Digital Solutions

About The Project

LCMS worked with the Toffee Store team to uncover all of their existing pain points so that they could offer the best solutions available. They focused heavily on integrating their existing shipping service to handle any order’s shipping needs appropriately and looked at opportunities to improve the overall user experience.

About The Project

Services Provided

  1. Custom website design
  2. Website and reusable components development
  3. Woocommerce setup
  4. Plugin installation and styling
  5. Mailchimp integration
  6. Content Writing
  7. Cloud server setup

Quick Summary

From Sticky Situation to Sweet Success: The Toffee Store's Website Makeover

The new online home for The Toffee Store was launched just in time for a busy holiday season. They are overjoyed with the new site's functionality, allowing for easy reorders with accurate shipping costs and a brand new FAQ section for visitor convenience.

Quick Summary

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