AHB Tooling & Machinery

AHB Tooling & Machinery offers expert metalworking solutions and services to their local and out-of-state clients. They felt like they were renting their previous site - yet had minimal access to make any changes or updates. Like many businesses, they also had concerns about their customer's privacy being shared with an outside vendor or web host.

AHB Tooling & Machinery | E-Commerce Development | LCMS Digital Solutions

About The Project

LCMS worked with AHB Tooling & Machinery to create a site that gave them capabilities they did not have access to before, including customer order history, control over customer information, and the ability to integrate into their ERP solution.

About The Project

Services Provided

  1. Custom website design
  2. Epicor Prophet 21 service integration and automation
  3. Laravel based Ecommerce platform customization for business use case
  4. Sharepoint service integration
  5. Cloud server setup
  6. Version control and automated deployment setup
  7. Mailchimp integration

Quick Summary

Tooling Up for Success: AHB's Custom Site Delivers Improved Production, Security, and Profitability

Now that AHB’s new site is up and running, their customer user experience has improved with custom order history features, and their out-of-state business has grown. Privacy concerns are no longer, and because LCMS took the time to work with them on a plan for their staff to handle their own support, AHB has gone from renting a site they could not access to a custom site they can manage on their own.

Quick Summary

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