Wear The Mitten

Wear The Mitten is an apparel company focused on Michigan-inspired clothing. After expanding their existing business, they needed a brand new website that allowed them to showcase and, more importantly, sell their apparel online.

Wear the Mitten | E-Commerce Development | LCMS Digital Solutions

About The Project

LCMS worked closely with Wear The Mitten to identify the solutions most impactful for the store's new Shopify site. They took care of migrating products to the new site and appropriately categorizing them for a polished online presence.

About The Project

Services Provided

  1. Web builder setup and development
  2. Ecommerce setup
  3. Social media management

Quick Summary

Michigan-Made Apparel, Online, and On Point: Wear The Mitten's Shopify Success Story

These days, Wear The Mitten is thrilled to have a professionally designed online presence highlighting its brand. An online presence has been a tremendous asset for growth, and their new site welcomes hundreds of visitors each month!

Quick Summary

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