HireTec is a staffing agency in Oak Park, Michigan. As a company that focuses on same-day staffing solutions, not having a web presence at all was holding them back from getting responses from job seekers as fast as they needed.

HireTEC | Website Development | LCMS Digital Solutions

About The Project

LCMS worked with HireTec on a web solution that included a centrally located database of applicants, which they did not have prior. Their new user-friendly site lets applicants view available job listings and apply online. Knowing HireTec had plans to grow in the future, the site was designed with the flexibility needed to add more features down the road, like billing or payroll functions.

About The Project

Services Provided

  1. Custom website design
  2. Content Writing
  3. Website and reusable components development
  4. Plugin installation and styling
  5. Cloud hosting setup
  6. Email service setup and migration

Quick Summary

Finding New Opportunities With HireTec's Online Presence

Since launching their new website, HireTEC has appreciated the amount of credibility having a professionally designed website has built. Their ability to post job listings online has allowed more visibility to more qualified applicants and streamlined their operations.

Quick Summary

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